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Government for the People
  • Civic Education & Engagement
  • Eliminating Bureaucratic Waste
  • Improving Accountability and Ethical Governance
  • Publically-Funded Elections
  • Campaign Spending Reform
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Restorative Criminal Justice

I’ve worked in all three branches of government and I am a believer in the significant good that a responsible and ethical government can achieve for its people. As an attorney, I believe in the great potential for the law and the legislative process to be an equalizing force that can provide access and opportunity for all.

However, during my career as a public servant, I have witnessed numerous examples of irresponsible and unethical governance. Waste, nepotism, corruption and greed have paralyzed the ability of the government to fulfill its obligations to the people, leading to apathy and cynicism among the general public.

Trust must be earned. I intend to work to pass reforms that will hold government accountable and transparent. Lack of accountability and transparency has eroded the public's trust in government and must be addressed. Public disclosure laws and further support for community-based policing will go a long way to repairing our communities.

Along these lines, I will also support criminal justice reform. Our current system too often blames the victims, punishes people for being poor, and disproportionately impacts minorities. I support restorative justice that rehabilitates and reconnects formerly incarcerated people with their families and their sense of place.

I am a firm believer in democratic principles, but our elected officials must be accessible to all, not just to the deep pockets of corporations and wealthy donors.  Their decisions must be based on what is best for the public. That’s why I will also work to pass legislation that reduces the influence of special interest money in politics. I hope to make participation in the democratic process a natural part of life in the islands. 

I will work to promote greater civic education and engagement among the public, and work to empower marginalized communities that have been shut out of the democratic process for far too long.

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