Climate Security
  • Climate Change Impact Mitigation
  • Food Security & Diversified Agriculture
  • 100% Renewable Future, Green New Deal & Resource Conservation
  • Public Trust Doctrine
  • Ecosystem Restoration & Invasive Species Mitigation
  • Sustainable Urban Planning & Managed Retreat
  • Ala Wai Project Alternatives 
  • Industrial Hemp 
  • Single-Use Plastics, and Foam Ban

The threat of climate chaos is the most immediate and dangerous challenge we face. Already, rising sea temperatures are killing off the coral reefs that we rely on, both as a driver of our tourism-focused economy, and as part of a complex and beautiful ecosystem that protects us from the raw power of nature. Invasive species and human-caused habitat loss are causing rapid extinction of some of the most precious and rare animal species on the planet. And we still import most of our food and fuel, relying on supply chains that we have little control over at the local or state level.

In our own community, our neighbors at the back of Palolo Valley are on the front lines of dealing with the increasing strength and frequency of severe weather events, which have accelerated the earth movement of the valley wall and now threaten their homes. At the same time, the Army Corps of Engineers wants to build a hardened solution to try and direct the flow of water during storms, but have gone about the project without sufficient outreach to the impacted community. 

We must preserve the natural resources that make Hawaiʻi the special place that it is. We owe these islands, that have given all of us so much, nothing less. Hawaiian culture emphasizes the importance of responsible stewardship within the ahupuaʻa system. We must work to restore native ecosystems from mauka to makai. Not only will this help us prepare for increasingly powerful storms by restoring natural stream flow and permeability, it will also facilitate responsible resource management and small-scale agriculture.

To ensure that the Hawaiʻi we know and love continues to be a safe, clean and habitable place for our children and the generations to follow, we must act swiftly and boldly to address climate security in Hawaiʻi. Sustainability must become a maxim against which all policy decisions are weighed. We must divest from all fossil fuels and invest in an immediate transition to a green economy. To feed our families healthy, locally sourced food, we must make small-scale, diversified agriculture feasible for Hawaiʻi's farmers.

When it comes to urban planning, we must prioritize urban infill to address our affordable housing crisis, rather than allowing further urban sprawl. Buildings themselves should be designed and built to be carbon neutral, energy net zero and food self-sufficient. And, as the sea level rises and shoreline properties are threatened, we must implement a managed retreat policy that is fair and equitable to the entire community.

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